Check fully paid

After you have fully paid up your car loan, it’ll take about 2-5 working days for that to be reflected on LTA.

To check whether is your car fully paid up, please follow the instruction below.

1. Go to, then go to “Log In” near the top right and login via “SingPass” (owner of the car).

2.  After logging in successfully with your SingPass, please follow the steps shown in the picture below.

Key in today’s date or any date later than today.

3. You will come to a page. Scroll down to the bottom and check the last line.

If you see the above, it means that your car is fully paid and ownership transfer can be done.

But if you see this :

That means that transfer of ownership CANNOT be done yet. Please call up your finance company and check with them.

You may also request for the “Vehicle Transfer PIN” for your vehicle by following the instructions on Request of Vehicle Transfer PIN. This PIN is necessary for the transfer of ownership to your car when you are selling the car to the dealer. If you are doing the transfer of ownership at LTA over the counter, then you DO NOT need to get this.

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