About Car Insurance

Car Insurance is MANDATORY and required by law for all vehicles in Singapore.

To be able to drive on Singapore road, a vehicle has to have a minimum 3rd Party Only (aka TPO) car insurance.

Types of Car Insurance

  • Comprehensive (aka COMP)
  • 3rd Party, Fire and Theft (aka TPFT)
  • 3rd Party Only (aka TPO)

Car Insurance are renewable on a yearly basis, so getting a low premium is something that many car owners do annually.

Car Insurance Quotations

Before Car Insurance Quotations can be compared, one has to obtained them from various Insurer.

Traditionally, a car owner will have to give the required information to the insurer and wait for the quote. Then do likewise with another insurer and so on and so on. This whole process can be quite tedious and time consuming.

Now all the above can be replaced by ONE SINGLE step to obtain FREE Car Insurance Quotes here.

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