COE Loan

In Singapore, we have Certificate Of Entitlement (aka COE). Which is the “right” to own a car. This “right” must be purchased.

COE Premium from Jan 2015 to Dec 2016 (A new page will open with the pdf)

This “right” is not perpetual but has an expiry on it, which is for a period of 10 years. At the end of this 10 years, the vehicle will have to be de-registered. For private vehicle, the owner will be able to get a an amount call “PARF” back.

The PARF is usually about 10%-20% of the purchase price of the vehicle, depending on when the vehicle was purchased.

Now, can we extend the COE for this “right” of the vehicle? Answer is YES. But at a premium of course. The amount to pay is call the Prevailing Quota Premium (aka PQP) which is basically the average of the last 3 months COE Quota Premium.

To renew / extend the COE of your car, you may do so by paying the full amount in one lump sum to LTA. Please see instruction at Renew COE. Alternatively, should you wish to have better cashflow and wants to have financing (aka COE Loan) on the payment of the PQP, you may give a call to 9858 7298 for details.

Loan for COE Renewal / COE Loan / Extension for 5yrs / 10yrs available!


Repayment for 5yrs COE extension is up to 5yrs / 60mths.

Repayment for 10yrs COE extension is up to 7yrs / 84mths.


PROMOTION – 3.25% (For Private cars only)


Commercial Vehicle 4%

You will be the owner for the car. Loan will be from local banks / financial institution. Fast processing. All charges will be presented upon application, no hidden charges & Professional service.


Example : 5yrs COE @ $25K, 5yrs loan, installment $485/mth

Call / SMS / Whatsapp 9858 7298.

To get approval for the loan, please prepare the following :

  1. IC (front & back)
  2. Last 12 mths CPF contribution history with latest 3 mths payslips


  1. If vehicle’s age is >20yrs, loan amount will be reduced.
  2. Maximum loan amount will be subject to bank / financial institution’s credit assessment.

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