There are many “Riders” that can be added to the main policy which has various benefits.

Below are the list of common “Riders”

  • NCD Protector
  • Loss of Use Benefits
  • Additional coverage for sunroof / skyroof
  • Excess buy up / down
NCD Protector

In the event of first accident claim (your fault) on your policy in the policy year, your NCD will not be affected and will remain at 50%.

Do take note that NCD Protector only guarantees NCD to remain at 50%. But does not guarantee a low premium.

Loss of Use Benefits

There are 2 types for this rider

  • Courtesy car – A replacement car will be given to you from 7-14 days
  • Daily allowance – Usually $50/day up to 5days
Additional cover for sunroof / skyroof

Most policies will have “Separate Windscreen” coverage, which allow claim on windscreen to be done within the policy year without affecting your NCD. Windscreen here usually includes the front, rear as well as all windows. The sunroof / skyroof are usually not covered.

Riders may be added to give additional coverage for sunroof / skyroof where claims can be made without affecting your NCD.

Excess buy up / down

For some insurers, one may opt to pay more premium for lower excess and vice versa.

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