Telco SIM Only Package – Are they good?


Date this recontract was done : Nov 2015

As we all know that recently, the local telcos are coming out with “SIM Only” subscription plans. This new packages enjoys a whopping 50% off the basic subscription across all plans offered by them.


Starhub SIM Only price plans :

So the question is, how good are they? Is it more worthwhile to switch to SIM Only plans?

I have done a comparison table below for reference. I have selected the lowest subscription plans with 4G packages. Price indicated below also excludes other VAS and Caller ID charges which is at $5.35 w/GST/mth.


Another thing to note is that the resale price of the iPhone 6 Plus 64GB Gold is about 2-3 mths after the phone is launch. Which means that if one were to be able to get the phone earlier, closer to the launch date, the “Profit” from selling the phone should be higher too.


For Starhub Normal SIM Only
4G 300M $27.90 $13.95
Contract binding Yes 24mths N/A
Hub Club Discount Yes N/A
Total cost for 21mths (Eligible recontract) $585.90 $292.95
After Hub Club Discount (30%) $410.13 N/A – $292.95
Total cost for 24mths $669.60 $334.80
After Hub Club Discount (30%) $468.72 N/A – $334.80
Recontract iPhone 6 Plus 64GB Gold $1,008 N/A
iPhone 6 Plus 64GB Gold sold for $1,230 N/A
Profit (After about 2-3mths from launch) $222 N/A
Final cost of subscription (21mths) $188.13 $292.95
Final cost of subscription (24mths) $246.72 $334.80

In conclusion, for the scenario above, the savings is $104.82 for the Normal plans now over the SIM Only plans. But for that you will be under contract with them for 24mths.

If the above comparison is based on 24mths subscription charges, the savings would have drop to $88.08.

So would anybody wants to be bonded for 24mths for $88.08 / $104.82? I think only the subscriber can answer that question.


Thank you for reading.


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